What to Note Before Going for a Marathon

Puccini Marathon is indeed one of the most exciting outdoor event that you can participate in during the weekend. Here are some of the main things that you need to know about the marathon to prepare well and emerge the winner, and at the top.



Before you take part in the race, you need to know the total distance that you will cover. If the organizers have planned to cover 2km, get this information and share it with your trainer to come up with exercises that you can to tone your body for the exercises.

Rules and Regulations

Each Puccini marathon has set rules and regulations that each participant has to adhere to at all times. For instance, you are not allowed to take any energy enhancing medications. If you do and win the race, you will be stripped the title and the reward. Hence, you need to familiarize yourself with the regulations beforehand to be on the safe side. You can imagine the shame that will befall you and your family if you are displayed in media platforms that you tried to cheat on the race to win money.

Finally, you need to put into consideration the registration fee and the attire that you will wear during the event. For instance, you need a comfortable running shoe, shorts, and a vest. Check online forums and websites for details on what you should wear.

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