Tips for Acing Puccini Marathon

The Puccini marathon attracts athletes from all parts of the globe as well as regular people who just loving for fun or to be physically fit. Apart from taking part in a noble event that the future you will thank you for, you will also get numerous health benefits such as, improved blood circulation, reduced stress levels, stronger joints, stronger muscles, and the list continues.

That is a story for another day though, today let us look at some tips on how to ace this competition.

Start Small

Despite the fact that you will be feeling fired up at the start of the race, it is wise not to start at top gear as this will just tire your muscles and joints out to early. Instead, consider starting at a small pace then increasing it as you proceed. This will give your muscles enough time to get used to the exercise.


Eat Right

This is related to the previous post, you need to ensure that you eat the right foods. This will give your body enough time to get enough oxygen that it needs to run the entire trail. For instance, carry a bottle of water and ensure that you are fully hydrated before the race.

Finally, ensure that you do not fall to much behind, as this might demoralize you to continue. If you can, ask your friend to accompany you to motivate you along the way. The main essence is to take part in a noble event, and not really to win unless you are a professional athlete.

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