Running Puccini Marathon for HVAC Course

Puccini marathon is usually organized to raise funds for various noble reasons such as feeding the hungry in developing countries and providing quality medical care in less fortunate parts of the world. Soon, we might have a race to raise awareness about having the right HVAC system.

Here are some of the main reasons why I think organizers should consider this idea.


Global Warming

Global warming is defined as a rampant increase in temperature and changes in weather conditions due to environmental pollution or degradation. In the near future, the earth will not be bearable to both human beings and animals due to extreme temperatures. An awareness to encourage people to purchase HVAC systems before such occurrences is noble and very implementable.

Make Money

The main reason why we have so many companies offering heating and cooling services is to not only make our lives comfortable but also make money while at it. The various HVAC companies can come together and organize the marathon in a bid to market their products and services to the ever increasing demand.

Finally, a Puccini marathon that is organized to help sell HVAC products, can also be used to raise money to purchase the same products on behalf of people in the developing countries who do not have the money to purchase them. The marathon can also kill to birds with one stone, by advocating for free installation and maintenance services.

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