About Panton


Accept our sincere gratitude for taking time off your busy schedule to visit our site. In a perfect world, no body would need to write blog posts or articles, as we would all have access to all the information we need about the various issues affecting people in different parts of the world. Unfortunately, that is not possible due to the many logistical factors it would take to do that. That is why we established this site to help disseminate information about Puccini marathon events.

My name is Panton, an expert sports writer who loves running around the city when not working. I also have a family that I treasure so much and love spending time with. Our main objective is to give you insights about Puccini marathon and other similar events that are held across the globe in a bid to achieve noble initiatives such as support the needy in the society.

We are a team of writers who work hand in hand, we have our own office but often times we prefer working from home or anywhere in the world because we travel a lot. In fact, working from the office all the time is not possible, although we have a team that is permanently stationed there to help with the logistics.

By visiting the site, you are guaranteed accurate information at all times. We vet each article or blog post before publishing it.